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Reliable Tiling Services in Norwich

At Future Tiling, we provide a reliable, high-quality service to each one of our customers around Norwich. We have the skills to deliver outstanding results, with over 9 years of experience in tiling services. We are happy to provide advice on your project and complete the work to your specification. Get in touch today.

Tiling Services: Welcome

Bathroom Tiling and Walk in Showers

We offer installation any tile types and styles, along with ensuring their suitability in relation to the room, especially bathrooms and walk in showers.  

Large Format Tiling

There are so many different types of tiles to choose from, but large format tiles seem to be the most popular style at the moment. We can fit a range of porcelain tiles including 1200x600 or larger. Contact us a Future Tiling to see how we can help. 


Floor Tiling 

Are you looking for an experienced tiler to tile your floor?  We can install a large range of tile such as large format tiles or natural stone and in different patterns. Floor tiles provide a non-slip surface that is low-maintenance as well. We always talk you through the process of your tile installation.

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Kitchen Splash-backs

Get inspired with a beautiful tiled kitchen splash-back, with a range of styles to suit all tastes. Let us bring your creation to life. Tiles offer protection from water damage and can be easily wiped clean to keep your kitchen looking its best.

Tiles being cleaned with a sponge

Sealing, Cleaning and Removing cement residue

We can provide a range of tiling services which includes, sealing all natural stone, marble, terracotta and unglazed porcelain, cleaning and removing cement residue or grout haze from tiles to ensure the work is completed to an exceptional standard. Get in touch today.

Tiling Services: Services
Kitchen Splash-backs
Tiling Services: Text

Do you need new tiles in your walking shower, or needs new grouting? Future Tiling always offers a reliable service, and we have over nine years of experience. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and secure a free estimate.

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